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Tax Relief

Ideal tax is a tax relief firm helping individuals and businesses settle their tax debt with the IRS

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The IRS Fresh Start program can be a great option for taxpayers who are struggling to meet their tax obligations. This program provides taxpayers with a number of options for resolving their tax debt, including payment plans and offers in compromise. Eligible taxpayers can also have their

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You can hire a qualified tax professional or tax relief company to help you do the paperwork, but it's not required, and the money you pay them might be more than the money you're hoping to save on your taxes. Without sufficient evidence, the IRS cannot accept tax relief requests through the Fresh Start Initiative.

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We'll first identify any potential penalties or interest charges you should be aware of between now and the time you are approved for a relief plan. Next, we will discuss your circumstances with you in order to determine which Fresh Start tax program option is best for you.

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Tax relief is a United States government program that assists individuals and businesses in paying their tax debt. While there are many forms of tax relief that can help taxpayers in reducing their tax burdens, this process typically involves setting up a payment schedule or

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Ideal Tax solution is a nationwide tax resolution and tax relief company that specializes in reducing tax debt, removing of wage garnishments

The IRS Fresh Start Program | Ideal Tax

One of the main goals of the IRS Fresh Start program was to combat predatory collections practices, such as financial penalties and tax liens, used by the Federal Government to punish those with outstanding tax debts. Moreover, the IRS doubled the threshold required for the IRS to file a notice of a federal tax lien. Therefore, the IRS Fresh Start initiative allows for a more graceful approach to